Here at, using our own exclusive innovation, we have developed our own Live Instagram Printing service. Our Instagram printer can find and establish the correct Instagram images of your event, then immediately embed a personalized design template onto it, to form an Instagram print. These Instagram prints will then be printed out instantly within seconds and be provided to your guests.
Our Live Instagram Printing service is perfect for any occasions from business roadshow, wedding events to birthday celebrations. Through our Live Instagram Printing service, not just can you thrill your visitors by supplying them with an occasion memento that is personalised to them, you can also at the very same time enhance your event's social media (Instagram) direct exposure from an increase use of your occasion's Instagram hashtag.
Select an unique hashtag for your event
Inform your guests to publish their photo to their PUBLIC Instagram account and tag it with the event hashtag
All hashtagged images will immediately appear on our printing website. Your visitors will have to come to our printing portal to pick the picture that he/she desire to print.
Selected picture will be embedded on your event's customized design printout template, and get printed out quickly
Features of our photobooth
Fully Customised Printout Design
The hard copy design can be totally customized to your taste. You can include your branding, logo or anything you want.
High Quality Printouts
All hard copies are printed using our high quality dye sublimation printer. One 4R picture can be generated in about 8 seconds.
Limitless Printouts
Print as many pictures as you like. No restriction at photobooth .
Different Printout Sizes
Select from 5 various printout sizes. Double sided hard copy is readily available as well.
Selection Printing Mode
Your guests will have to concern our printing portal to choose the image he/she wishes to print
Online Gallery with Softcopies Provision
After the occasion, all the pictures taken will be hosted on our online gallery. You can download the softcopies or share it on social networks.
Our Photobooth Addons
Marketing Tools
Our system can be fine-tuned to ensure that your guest carry out an action first prior to they can get their printout. An action can be to offer their name or email address, or to share the image on Facebook and so on
Post Event Engagement Report
Acquire understandings and analysis on your event's efficiency on Instagram via our Post Event Engagement Report. Instagram Live Feed
Our Instagram Live Feed service can be integrated with our Live Instagram Printing service, so that pictures uploaded to Instagram tagged with your occasion hashtag will be displayed in genuine time on a completely customized developed gallery.
Customised Props
Make your occasion one of a kind by using props customised to your occasion. We can assist you design and develop foam board props customised to your event. Available in different sizes and thickness. is a one stop event photography agency that assists event organizers market their brand and delight their visitors through personalized wedding photobooth .
We are based in Singapore and we specialise in Live Instagram Printing, Photo Booth, Roving Photography, Smartphone Instant Live and print Photo Feed.
Here at, utilizing our own proprietary innovation, we have produced our own Live Instagram Printing service. Our Instagram printer can identify and get the right Instagram photos of your event, and then immediately embed a customized design template onto it, to form an Instagram print. Obtain insights and analysis on your event's performance on Instagram by means of our Post Event Engagement Report. Make your event one of a kind by making use of props customised to your occasion. We can help you design and create foam board props personalized to your event.




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